Epoxy Floor Coatings Vs. Vinyl – Epoxy Wins for Overall Best Value

Hands down the cheapest floor covering will always be ‘anyone-can-install’ vinyl flooring. But as many home and business owners find out, the real expense begins upon installation. It’s only a matter of time before vinyl squares shrink and leave seams that fill with dirt and contamination. The maintenance battle is constant. Years of attempting to clean and sanitize the space come up short. The surface dulls and shine products only serve to increase the maintenance time because once you apply them, you have to remove them at some point and start over. The frustration and dingy, worn appearance of vinyl after five or six  years force owners to rip up the flooring and start fresh. Applying vinyl flooring to a small room, say 800 sq. ft. comes to around $3500 installed. Now times that by 4 to calculate the cost over a 20 year period — $14,000 – and add the headache of ripping out and replacing flooring to find the real cost.


Now take a look at the install cost and maintenance efforts with epoxy floor coatings for concrete floors. For that same 800 sq. ft. space, the install comes to approximately $6500. The epoxy floor is seamless so it can be swept with a broom and sanitized with a mop. In home or business applications to areas with moderate use, the epoxy finish tolerates years of wear without losing its just-applied look. Regular cleaning with a broom and mop keeps the surface gleaming – it won’t dull or fade and remains slip resistant throughout its 20 plus years of life. No waxing. No stripping. No hassle of re-doing the flooring every five years. Over the course of 20 years, the investment comes to about one third the cost of vinyl.


Epoxy floor coatings take the prize for least hassle, best looks, best wear and best value over vinyl applications over the 20-plus-years life of the product.


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